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    Get every scent with our complete kit, at the greatest value we offer. 

    Our finishing spray is the secret weapon to help reduce greasiness and provide all-day texture and light hold. Made from all-natural ingredients blended in just the right amounts.  

    • No alcohol, clay or unnatural chemicals 
    • Light, natural, all-day usability 
    • Aloe vera moisturizes and softens to prevent dryness and itch
    • No colors or preservatives added

    Ingredients: purified water, dead sea salt, aloe vera gel, essential oils (if scented)

    Baseline Scent: Unscented

    Grove Street Scent: Citrus and Basil

    Northwest Scent: Cedar sawdust straight from the wood shop

    The District Scent: Fresh, crisp scent ready for the board room

    4oz. bottle/each