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    The Three-Step Formula For The Most Amazing Beard


    Those beards you envy don't happen by mistake. In fact, there is actually a formula you can follow to achieve the same results. We're going to lay out the formula, and the three easy steps that will take your beard from boring and forgettable, to completely incredible!


    The look of your beard is a direct result of how healthy and cared for it is. Products you use for your skin and beard need to check THREE boxes. Most men when starting to grow a beard will only find products that check just ONE box. And while you might see some results for a short period of time, it won't be a lasting formula for success. The key to success when growing and maintaining a truly amazing looking beard is to check ALL THREE of the boxes below: 

    1. Products that CLEANSE your beard
    2. Products that CARE for your skin and beard
    3. Products that STYLE your beard

    When you have products that check each of these boxes, used in unison, you're guaranteed to start seeing results and the most amazing beard you've ever had will quickly follow. 


    The very foundation of a great looking beard hinges on how clean your face and beard are. You always want to ensure you have a clean slate to work with, eliminating the possibilities of grit and grime irritating your skin. A wash formulated specifically for your beard will go a long way in making sure you have set a great foundation. 

    In addition to a wash, a beard conditioner will do wonders to help soften your beard, eliminated the dry and brittle feel we all hate. 

    Lastly, we suggest finding a beard wash and conditioner that isn't too harsh. Something that you can use on a daily basis without completely stripping everything away from your skin and beard. Some products will leave your beard and face feeling worse than before, and extremely dry. Do yourself a favor and find something that can be used everyday, and isn't too harsh.


    The best possible thing you can possibly do for the comfort of your beard is to first take care of your skin. The healthier your skin is: the faster your beard will grow, the healthier it will be, the softer it will feel, and the overall better it will look. 

    Applying beard oil to your skin and beard will do wonders for you beard. You'll start to notice results almost instantly. Nothing does a better job at hydrating your dry skin, which leads to the overall better health of your beard. 

    A product that blurs the lines between a beard care product, and a style product is what is know as a beard butter, or cream. A great quality beard butter is amazing to apply over the top of a beard oil because it often contains shea butter, which locks in all the moisture underneath, while letting your beard and skin breath. 


    Being able to control those flyaways and stray hairs is one of the best things you can do for the overall appearance of your beard. The shape of you beard is often the first thing people will notice. 

    Beard balm is one of the most traditional products men have used for styling their beards. It has a greater level of control because a balm usually contains beeswax, which allows you to mold and fit the shape of your beard as you desire. 

    The last secret weapon for styling your beard is called a finishing spray. A finishing spray is a very simple product that is sprayed over the top of your beard after you've used a styling balm or cream. All-natural beard products often create a lot of grease, and drive a lot of men crazy. Applying a finishing spray over the top of your beard will add texture and also neutralize that top layer of oily grease that sits on top of your beard. 

    Following this three step formula will guarantee the best beard you've ever had!