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    Solving The Three Biggest Beard Frustrations

    Every man who is going through the process of growing and maintaining a beard experiences the same frustrations. They are universal! That's why this is one of our favorite beard subjects to talk about, because all men who end up growing a beard can relate. 


    1. Beard Itch
    2. Dry Skin (Beardruff)
    3. Grease (that beard products leave behind)

    Overcoming these frustrations is harder than you think, but mark our words IT CAN BE DONE! We're going to lay out today the formula for keeping all of these frustrations at bay, with three secrets we've found after lots of trial and error. 

    SECRET #1: Take Care Of Your Skin, FIRST

    Beard growth happens at the skin level. The healthier your skin is, the healthier your beard will be! The benefits go on for miles: Your beard will grow faster. Your beard will absolutely be stronger. The itch will go away. Your beard will actually feel softer, and it will look better than it ever has before. 

    The healthiest skin possible is achieved by using all-natural oils, as well as following that up with one of nature's "super ingredients" to lock in all that moisture but still allow your pores to breath. One of nature's most amazing super ingredients is shea butter. Shea butter has these amazing properties that lock in moisture, but allow your skin to breath at the same time. Meaning your chances of developing clogged pores, and other horrible skin conditions are greatly reduced. 

    You also want to make sure to avoid any skin products that contain alcohol, synthetic substances, and preservatives. These ingredients do the exact opposite and leave your skin in worse condition than before, and therefore leaving your beard damaged. 

    SECRET #2: Not All Oils And Skin Ingredients Are Created Equal 

    You want to ensure you're putting oils and ingredients on your skin that are rated best for your body. Meaning, they aren't going to dry out your skin, and clog your pores, leaving your skin and beard in much worse condition than before. 

    But how are we to know which ingredients are best for our body? 

    Well, there's actually a rating system, called the Comedogenic Scale. Do a quick google search and you can easily find a list, and the rating scale, for the oils and ingredients we traditionally put on our skin. The scale goes from 0 to 5. Zero being the best, and five being the worst for your skin. 

    The key is to always use oils and ingredients on the low end of this scale, to always ensure your skin and beard are the healthiest they can possibly be.

    SECRET #3: Grease Can Be Reduced By The Way A Product Is Formulated

    Grease is by far one of the most frustrating byproducts of maintaining your beard. The products men typically use on their beard leave behind a greasy, shiny residue. This is often because of the silicones inside certain beard products. It leaves a sticky, greasy film wherever it touches. It's incredibly frustrating! It gets on your phone, on your shirt collar, and on your hands. 

    The good news is that the greasiness of beard products can be greatly reduced if it is formulated in such a way. There are many different factors that contribute to the greasiness of a product. How the ingredients are heated and cooled. In which order the ingredients are added, and the ratios they are measured. 

    Finding a beard product that is less greasy is like finding the holy grail, but it can be done!