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    Five Tips For Wearing A Beard At Work


    There's a new trend sweeping workplaces everywhere: men wearing beards. It's practically impossible to go anywhere today without noticing that guys are more comfortable than ever sporting beards at work.

    If you're like most men, you need to look professional and put together at work. Although beards are now more commonplace in workplaces all over, you still have to keep them to a certain level of classiness. In the spirit of keeping it classy, here are the top 5 tips for how to wear a professional beard.


    Let's get something straight. If your beard isn't clean, none of the other tips will even matter. That's why this is the most important thing to remember when wearing a beard.

    Go out and get a wash and conditioner specifically formulated for your beard. It can help you to tailor your beard products to your lifestyle. For example, if you work out regularly, you are probably sweating up a storm. You don't want to show up as a sweaty mess to work, do you? You are going to have to find a beard wash and conditioner that will keep your beard looking good even after you wash and condition it on a regular basis. You want to avoid a situation where your beard becomes a bone-dry Brillo pad.


    There are a few ways you can tackle moisturizing your skin and beard. There is a reason why beard oil is as popular as it is. This is because it really takes care of much of the dryness and itchiness that comes with growing a beard. If you grow your beard out, there is really no way of avoiding the itching that will come soon after.

    If you want to avoid leaving a trail of dead skin behind wherever you go, you are going to have to find a premium beard oil with all-natural ingredients. Rub it onto your skin, work it in after you get out of the shower, and enjoy your newly-moisturized beard.

    On top of the beard oil, you’ll need something that will lock in that moisture all day long. This is where a beard balm, butter, or cream comes in. Say goodbye to brittleness and split ends when you use this technique.


    When you have crisp and sharp beard lines, you are going to look professional and classy at work. Getting yourself a beard trimmer will make this process easy for you. When looking for one, make sure it's one you love and will be able to use on a daily or regular basis. Give yourself some touch-ups to keep your beard from becoming a wild bush.

    Keep all the lines near the back of your neck, jawline, and chin straight, crisp, and sharp. If you are concerned about experimenting on a new beard, head over to a barber that has had plenty of experience trimming beards, and use their professional trim as a guide for doing it yourself in the future.


    You may have used beard products in the past which just made your beard ridiculously greasy. Have you ever touched your beard, only to have a hand looking like you just manhandled a slice of pizza? There is nothing more frustrating than grease on your beard at the workplace. It's practically impossible to get rid of.

    There is a secret to not having all that grease on your beard. You can find beard products that are formulated in a certain way to keep the grease levels low. Experiment with several different products until you find some that are non-greasy.

    A great way to keep down the grease level in your beard is to use some sort of finishing spray, like a salt spray. Give yourself a light spray to neutralize that top layer of grease. This way, you don't have to worry about your beard the rest of your day.


    There's nothing quite like great-smelling beard products. While you do want to use something that will last all day, you don't want it so strong that it overwhelms people in the workplace. They will be doing their best to stay back from your insanely strong scent. Find something that is lightly-scented while smelling amazing and lasting all day.

    When you take these top 5 tips for how to style a professional and classy beard to heart, you will have an incredible looking beard that you will love and others will appreciate at the workplace.